For the readers of Taroflexions it will not come as a surprise when I say that Giordano Bruno did it again. On repeated occasions I have stated my love of the venerable Italian monks, also known as the Neoplatonists, but Giordano Bruno in particular has been my tutelary ghost companion for a number of years. Some 20 years, or more, actually.

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So how does this companionship manifest? For the most part it manifests in the following way. Call it a poetics of space. What I call ‘Giordano mojo stuff’, in the form of words in books, pamphlets, film, and stars, peppers my apartment. Giordano is in every room I have, including the bathroom. Actually, the bathroom is filled with this spirit. So what do I do with all this ‘Giordano mojo stuff’? I use it as one does a palace of memory.

For once, Giordano…

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