Rune Magick


Runes are Ancient Sacred Symbols, originating in Northern and Western Europe.  They have been used for thousands of years.

Each rune symbol has a name which reflects its sound, and a series of related meanings, they are easy to use, but very powerful in effect.

The word Rune mean “A Mystery “ or “To Whisper “  knowledge of runes has been passed down through the generations, it is only in recent times that there has been written history and instruction on how to use them.

I treat my runes similar to Tarot, though they are different from tarot, runes are not concerned with prediction they are similar to the Chinese oracle Iching.

It is useful to add your personal touch to them… tuning in will help you to become familiar with them, adding your own energy to them.. It is also great to make your own personal set, you can…

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