0=0 Neophyte Grade Initiation of Soror R.A.

Light in Extension: A Magical Journal

GoldenDawnlogoDate: Sunday, September 2, 2018
Planetary Day: Day of the Sun
Planetary Hours: Hour of the Sun ending in the Hour of Venus
Lunar Phase: Waning Gibbous, 68%
Sun Phase: Set

Time: Ritual Bath (8:30) Establishing the Godforms and preparing the Temple while the Candidate meditated blindfolded (8:40), Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (9:05), Neophyte Grade Ceremony 9:18 to 10:58
Mood: Initially excited, by the end, calm, cleansed, balanced, harmonized, reverential

floor.jpg“The Voice of my undying and secret Soul said unto me—“Let me enter the path of Darkness and, peradventure, there shall I find the Light.  I am the only being in an abyss of Darkness; from an abyss of Darkness came I forth ere my birth from the silence of a primal sleep.”

And the Voice of the Ages answered unto my Soul—“I am he who formulates in Darkness—the Light that shineth in Darkness, yet the Darkness comprehendeth…

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