The Titans | Steve Kalec

The Titans

The great Titans are locked up and chained in the Mountain of Tartarus. This mountain is man himself. There lies a great Titan in us all. The Angels that fell, did really not fall, but dared to become gods. Adam and Eve did really not disobey. The magnificence of self-consciousness was inevitable with the tree of knowledge within their reach. This tree was really found within themselves as was the garden of Eden. “Behold man has become as one of us” _genesis 3.22_ . The heaven that the angels fell from is the heaven within us, and the heaven they return to is the one within us.

Man Is the Microcosm where in the image of the Macrocosm is found. The Corpus Hermeticum states:… “Man loses no worthiness for possessing a mortal part, but very much on the contrary, mortality augments his possibility and his power. His double functions are possible for him precisely because of his double nature: because he is so constituted that it is possible for him to embrace both the divine and the terrestrial at the same time. So let us not be afraid to tell the truth. The true man is above them (the celestial gods), or at least equal to them. For no god leaves his sphere to come to earth, whereas man ascends to heaven and measures it. Let us dare to say that a man is a mortal god and a celestial god is an immortal man. ”

“The daughters of men, alludes to corporeality. The sons of God are divine spirit that infused matter to involve into matter so that matter can evolve, and this is pure alchemy. Of course the lure of matter as the passive polarity was most beautiful to the active polarity of spirit, and so the son’s of God married the daughters of men, (spirit infused matter). All the many beautiful cultural myths and legends do tell the same archetypal allegories, that of the spirit’s involution into matter, and its evolution back to Heaven, to Spirit.

– Steve Kalec

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