2021-03-13 New Moon (Pisces) : A Clear Message : Take Action


Pisces is generally associated with play, rest, and relaxation.  Matters of faith and sacrifice are also tied to the sign along with, sometimes, criminality.  Low forms of Pisces include alcohol and drug addiction, religious cults, and delusions.

Ordinarily, a Pisces New Moon would lead us to think of Spring and Easter.  But this one shouts : “make a decision and take action.”

Yod : A Signal to Make a Decision

First of all, we see a yod in this chart.  This is not a yod in traditional planets (seven of those) or even modern planets (ten total).  This is a yod in asteroids (a more subtle message that some would miss).

Hygeia (health and healthcare) says that we must make a decision between the smart ideas (and action) of warrior goddess Pallas and the law and legal step by step justice of Astraea.  Do you leap into action without much…

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