“He Who Upholds Righteousness and Truth”


Welcome to the Pacific Northwest and the Sanctuary of Horus Behdety of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.  Our Order has Temples and Sanctuaries in cities across America and in several countries in the Americas and Europe.  All correspondence members are initiated through the Grand Temple of Isis Mighty Mother.  This sanctuary  provides a permanent location for ritual work and classes, but does not offer initiations.  All live initiations in our area take place at the Grand Temple of Isis Mighty Mother, now located in Portland, Oregon.  All contact with any of our Temples or sister Sanctuaries is forwarded to the requested location through Grand Temple Isis.


Isis, Horus & the Holy Day of December 25th, Updated


The Holy Mother & Her Holy Child

Every year, at about this time, one post on this blog starts to get a lot more “traffic,” that is, visitors viewing it, than any other. (In fact, it’s already started.)

It’s the one about Horus being born on December 25th. Likely, people are searching for information about how Christianity absorbed Pagan winter solstice traditions (from the non-Christian side) or how it most certainly did not (from the Christian side). The statement about Horus’ birth on that date is often used to dismiss the Christian tradition of the birth of the Christ on December 25th (and by inference, Christian tradition in general) as “mere Pagan superstition.” Which is rude to both Pagans and Christians.

Early Christianity most certainly was influenced by the people and cultures around it. But the thing I specifically wanted to look into was the birth of Holy Baby Horus…

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Mercury Venus meetup, It’s Sagittarius season

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Urania's Mirror Sagittarius and corona Australis Sidney Hall [Public domain]
Urania’s Mirror Sagittarius and corona Australis Sidney Hall [Public domain]

Venus in Sagittarius is super honest and optimistic, Mercury In Sagittarius walks their talk of Higher learning, trust, good humour, adventure-loving, easygoing, justice and freedombut they can be dilettantes and promise more than they can deliver.

The Planets of love and beauty and the Messenger Trickster come together on November 21 at 2:55 pm PST/ 5:55 pm EST and 10:55 pm GMT.

A marriage of heart and mind in the Sage sign as the Sun also enters Sagittarius only 13 hours later.

SUN INTO SAGITTARIUS on 11/22/22 a higher master numerology I’ll do a live broadcast on this.

Sun enters Sage 12:20 am PST/ 3:20 am EDT and 8:20 am GMT

It’s a Sage Fiesta of a NEW MOON November 23 as JUPITER the planet that rules Sagittarius and Pisces turns Direct at the last most powerful degree of…

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Raw Nephthys


I had nothing specific in mind for today’s post. So I did a bit of meditation with the Beautiful Sister, Senet Noferet, and I’ll share with you what we did.

Blue Lotus Garden by Luiz Celestino, copyright Luiz Celestino. See the work, contact the artist here.

The sacred scarab

I used the Nephthys contact ritual I have been working with (I cannot believe it’s been almost a year since then), but in my smaller shrine rather than the larger temple space, so I was seated almost the entire time. I purified and consecrated, established the Horizons, invoked Her…

And now, I am within Nephthys’ temple garden.

The strong scent of greenness and the life of animals comes to my nose. It smells good, alive, alive. I look around, orienting myself. I see the serpents, the birds, and now a scarab dung beetle, a creature I had not seen before…

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More Nephthys


"Nephthys" by the Popovy sisters
“Nephthys” by the Popovy sisters

Yes indeed, there is much more to say about Nephthys…

O, She is a Hidden One. In the Book of Caverns (an afterlife text), She is even described as the one Whose “head is hidden.” Yet She reveals Herself when you pay attention, when you search, when you ask.

Remember that lovely image of Nephthys by the two sister artists in last week’s post? Well, I found a couple more shots of it.Turns out the artwork is stranger and more unexpected than you would have thought havingseen just the first photo.

Nephthys Herself is like that. She is stranger, more intriguing, and indeed more beautiful and powerful than you might, at first, think.

When we first read our Egyptian mythology, we see loyal Nephthys always in Her more dramatic sister’s shadow. She assistsIsis with Osiris and Horus; She gets stuck with the troublesome, rowdy, and…

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Isis & Her Dark Twin, Nephthys


A stunning modern Nephthys by—appropriately—a pair of artist sisters, Katya and Lena Popovy, dollmakers A stunning modern Nephthys by—appropriately—a pair of artist sisters, Katya and Lena Popovy

Older Egyptological books informed us that Nephthys was never worshipped alone and had no temples of Her own.

But that was only because they hadn’t found any yet.

Thankfully, we now know of several Nephthys temples, a smaller New Kingdom one within a Set temple precinct at Sepermeru, halfway between Heracleopolis and Oxyrhynchus (where that huge cache of texts, including magical texts and a praise of Isis was found), and a Ptolemaic and Roman-era temple at Komir, near Esna.

In Her Komir (Egy. Pr Myr)  temple, there is a lengthy hymn to Her that identifies Her with many other Goddesses, just as Isis is known by many names. She is “the Great, the Most Excellent, dwelling in the Beautiful Country—the abode of Her brother Osiris, Who comes to life again in Her, She Who renews for Him the body that once was…

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Oh yes, more Nephthys


"Nephthys" by the Popovy sisters “Nephthys” by the Popovy sisters

Since we last met, I have become quite involved with Nephthys. It seems I shall have more to say about Her.

O, She is a Hidden One. In the Book of Caverns (an afterlife text), She is even described as the one Whose “head is hidden.” Yet She reveals Herself when you pay attention, when you search, when you ask.

Remember that lovely image of Nephthys by the two sister artists in last week’s post? Well, I found a couple more shots of it. Turns out the artwork is stranger and more unexpected than you would have thought having seen just the first photo.

Nephthys Herself is like that. She is stranger, more intriguing, and indeed more beautiful and powerful than you might, at first, think.

When we first read our Egyptian mythology, we see loyal Nephthys always in Her more dramatic sister’s shadow. She assists Isis with Osiris and Horus…

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The Awe-full-ness of the Goddess


From the Goddess Power Oracle.

Not too long ago, I came across a collection of epithets of Isis in which the author translated the core concept as “awful.” What?

But, in the original sense of the word, “full of awe,” awful makes a great deal of sense as a Divine epithet. Nevertheless, in our common understanding of the word today, it’s…oh, let’s say…uncomfortable.

So you can get a full taste of the strangeness of it, here are some of Isis’ awful epithets: She is “The Lady of Awfulness,” “The Lady of Awfulness More than the Divine Powers,” “She Whose Awfulness is Great,” and “She Whose Awfulness is Greater than the Gods.” She is awful on earth, in the heavens, among the Deities, in Egypt. She is “Great of Trembling” and “Hundreds of Thousands Tremble at Her Sight.”

Of course, this is not the most common way people think of…

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Strange Pyramids Twice As Old As The Egyptian Ones Found In Russia

These pyramids, recently found in Russia’s Kola Peninsula, may be evidence that a new ancient civilization existed there. This civilization seems to be much older than that of Egypt, according to the antiquity and appearance of the pyramids. Even though the mystery of who constructed these architectural wonders has yet to be solved, historians as well as archaeologists have determined that the pyramids are at the least twice as old as the ones discovered in Egypt. It is also suggested that the Kola Peninsula was the home of the oldest civilization in the World, as it is based on the […]

Source: Strange Pyramids Twice As Old As The Egyptian Ones Found In Russia


No photo description available.

Let us beware of creating a darkness at noonday for ourselves by gazing, so to say, direct at the sun . . . , as though we could hope to attain adequate vision and perception of Wisdom with mortal eyes. It will be the safer course to turn our gaze on an image of the object of our quest.


 Every year more than three hundred and fifty Catholic and Protestant sects observe Easter Sunday, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God who called himself the Son of Man. So too do the Russian and Greek Orthodox churches, but on a separate calendar. Such is the schism between East and West within Christendom regarding this day, which always falls on the ancient Sabbath, once consecrated to the Invisible Sun, the sole source of all life, light and energy. If we wish to understand the permanent possibility of spiritual resurrection taught by the Man of Sorrows, we must come to see both the man and his teaching from the pristine perspective of Brahma Vach, the timeless oral utterance behind and beyond all religions, philosophies and sciences throughout the long history of mankind.The Gospel According to St. John is the only canonical gospel with a metaphysical instead of an historical preamble. We are referred to that which was in the beginning. In the New English Bible, the recent revision of the authorized version produced for the court of King James, we are told: “Before all things were made was the Word.” In the immemorial, majestic and poetic English of the King James version, In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. This is a bija sutra, a seminal maxim, marking the inception of the first of twenty-one chapters of the gospel, and conveying the sum and substance of the message of Jesus. John, according to Josephus, was at one time an Essene and his account accords closely with the Qumran Manual of Discipline. The gospel attributed to John derives from the same oral tradition as the Synoptics, but it shows strong connections with the Pauline epistles as well as with the Jewish apocalyptic tradition. It is much more a mystical treatise than a biographical narrative.

 The Godhead is unthinkable and unspeakable, extending boundlessly beyond the range and reach of thought. There is no supreme Father figure in the universe. In the beginning was the Word, the Verbum, the Shabdabrahman, the eternal radiance that is like a veil upon the attributeless Absolute. If all things derive, as St. John explains, from that One Source, then all beings and all the sons of men are forever included. Metaphysically, every human being has more than one father, though on the physical plane each has only one. Over ten thousand years, everyone has had more ancestors than there are souls presently incarnated on earth. Each one participates in the ancestry of all mankind. While always true, this is more evident in a nation with mixed ancestries. Therefore it is appropriate here that we think of him who preached before Jesus, Buddha, who taught that we ask not of a man’s descent but of his conduct. By their fruits they shall be known, say the gospels.

 There is another meaning of the ‘Father’ which is relevant to the opportunity open to every human being to take a decision to devote his or her entire life to the service of the entire human family. The ancient Jews held that from the illimitable Ain-Soph there came a reflection, which could never be more than a partial participation in that illimitable light which transcends manifestation. This reflection exists in the world as archetypal humanity — Adam Kadmon. Every human being belongs to one single humanity, and that collectivity stands in relation to the Ain-Soph as any one human being to his or her own father. It is no wonder that Pythagoras — Pitar Guru, ‘father and teacher,’ as he was known among the ancient Hindus — came to Krotona to sound the keynote of a long cycle now being reaffirmed for an equally long period in the future. He taught his disciples to honour their father and their mother, and to take a sacred oath to the Holy Fathers of the human race, the ‘Ancestors of the Arhats.’

 We are told in the fourth Stanza of Dzyan that the Fathers are the Sons of Fire, descended from a primordial host of Logoi. They are self-existing rays streaming forth from a single, central, universal Mahatic fire which is within the cosmic egg, just as differentiated matter is outside and around it. There are seven sub-divisions within Mahat — the cosmic mind, as it was called by the Greeks — as well as seven dimensions of matter outside the egg, giving a total of fourteen planes, fourteen worlds. Where we are told by John that Jesus said, In my Father’s house are many mansions, H.P. Blavatsky states that this refers to the seven mansions of the central Logos, supremely revered in all religions as the Solar Creative Fire. Any human being who has a true wakefulness and thereby a sincere spirit of obeisance to the divine demiurgic intelligence in the universe, of which he is a trustee even while encased within the lethargic carcass of matter, can show that he is a man to the extent to which he exhibits divine manliness through profound gratitude, a constant recognition and continual awareness of the One Source. All the great Teachers of humanity point to a single source beyond themselves. Many are called but few are chosen by self-election. Spiritual Teachers always point upwards for each and every man and woman alive, not for just a few. They work not only in the visible realm for those immediately before them, but, as John reminds us, they come from above and work for all. They continually think of and love every being that lives and breathes, mirroring “the One that breathes breathless” in ceaseless contemplation, overbrooding the Golden Egg of the universe, the Hiranyagarbha.

 Such beautiful ideas enshrined in magnificent myths are provocative to the ratiocinative mind and suggestive to the latent divine discernment of Buddhic intuition. The only way anyone can come closer to the Father in Heaven, let alone come closer to Him on earth Who is as He is in Heaven, is by that light to which John refers in the first chapter of the Gospel. It is the light that lighteth every man who cometh into the world, which the darkness comprehendeth not. Human beings are involved in the darkness of illusion, of self-forgetfulness, and forgetfulness of their divine ancestry. The whole of humanity may be regarded as a garden of gods but all men and women are fallen angels or gods tarnished by forgetfulness of their true eternal and universal mission. Every man or woman is born for a purpose. Every person has a divine destiny. Every individual has a unique contribution to make, to enrich the lives of others, but no one can say what this is for anyone else. Each one has to find it, first by arousing and kindling and then by sustaining and nourishing the little lamp within the heart. There alone may be lit the true Akashic fire upon the altar in the hidden temple of the God which lives and breathes within. This is the sacred fire of true awareness which enables a man to come closer to the one universal divine consciousness which, in its very brooding upon manifestation, is the father-spirit. In the realm of matter it may be compared to the wind that bloweth where it listeth. Any human being could become a self-conscious and living instrument of that universal divine consciousness of which he, as much as every other man or woman, is an effulgent ray.

 This view of man is totally different from that which has, alas, been preached in the name of Jesus. Origen spoke of the constant crucifixion of Jesus, declaring that there is not a day on earth when he is not reviled. But equally there is not a time when others do not speak of him with awe. He came with a divine protection provided by a secret bond which he never revealed except by indirect intonation. Whenever the Logos becomes flesh, there is sacred testimony to the Great Sacrifice and the Great Renunciation — of all Avatars, all Divine Incarnations. This Brotherhood of Blessed Teachers is ever behind every attempt to enlighten human minds, to summon the latent love in human hearts for all humanity, to fan the sparks of true compassion in human beings into the fires of Initiation. The mark of the Avatar is that in him the Paraclete, the Spirit of Eternal Truth, manifests so that even the blind may see, the deaf may hear, the lame may walk, the unregenerate may gain confidence in the possibility and the promise of Self-redemption.

 In one of the most beautiful passages penned on this subject, the profound essay entitled “The Roots of Ritualism in Church and Masonry,” published in 1889, H.P. Blavatsky declared:

 Most of us believe in the survival of the Spiritual Ego, in Planetary Spirits and Nirmanakayas, those great Adepts of the past ages, who, renouncing their right to Nirvana, remain in our spheres of being, not as ‘spirits’ but as complete spiritual human Beings. Save their corporeal, visible envelope, which they leave behind, they remain as they were, in order to help poor humanity, as far as can be done without sinning against Karmic Law. This is the ‘Great Renunciation’, indeed; an incessant, conscious self-sacrifice throughout aeons and ages till that day when the eyes of blind mankind will open and, instead of the few, all will see the universal truth. These Beings may well be regarded as God and Gods — if they would but allow the fire in our hearts, at the thought of that purest of all sacrifices, to be fanned into the flame of adoration, or the smallest altar in their honour. But they will not. Verily, ‘the secret heart is fair Devotion’s (only) temple’, and any other, in this case, would be no better than profane ostentation.

 Let a man be without external show such as the Pharisees favoured, without inscriptions such as the Scribes specialized in, and without arrogant and ignorant self-destructive denial such as that of the Sadducees. Such a man, whether he be of any religion or none, of whatever race or nation or creed, once he recognizes the existence of a Fraternity of Divine Beings, a Brotherhood of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Christs, an Invisible Church (in St. Augustine’s phrase) of living human beings ever ready to help any honest and sincere seeker, he will thereafter cherish the discovery within himself. He will guard it with great reticence and grateful reverence, scarcely speaking of his feeling to strangers or even to friends. When he can do this and maintain it, and above all, as John says in the Gospel, be true to it and live by it, then he may make it for himself, as Jesus taught, the way, the truth and the light. While he may not be self-manifested as the Logos came to be through Jesus — the Son of God become the Son of Man — he could still sustain and protect himself in times of trial. No man dare ask for more. No man could do with less.

Raghavan Iyer
The Gupta Vidya II

11:11:22 Triple Master Numbers Remembrance Day

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

11:11:22 is atriple Master Number gateway of memory encoding Remembrance of who you really are is here, followed by the even more powerful 11:22:22 in 11 days. see below

Earlier this year there was a lot of meditations on the 2:22:2022 Numerology. You know that 2:22 is a very powerful date for me as I had one of my first real physical spiritual ET encounters with two witnesses in Isla Mujeres Mexicoin 1979 which I’ve written about before.

11:11 November 11th Remembrance Day was originally designed to remember the Fallen soldiers from WWI with a minute of silence at 11:00 am.

This info is my friend and artist Roxanna Bikadoroff.

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month,1918 (another 11 in
there), an armistice was signed to end ‘the war that would end all
wars’. The first Armistice Day was observed one year…

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Isis Pelagia, Lady of the Sea


Isis Pharia with Her sail and the lighthouse on the right
Isis Pharia with Her sail and the lighthouse an Alexandrian coin

Throughout the ancient Mediterranean world—from Alexandria to Carthage, from the Roman port of Ostia to Corinth, and on to Palmyra in Asia Minor—in locations dotting the shores of the Black Sea and the riverbanks of what is now Hungary, we find a particular image of Isis.

She stands on the prow of a ship, holding a billowing sail in front of Her, wind filling it from behind. And yet Her own garments flow out behind Her, filled with the wind produced by Her forward momentum. Trying to be precise, if dull, in their description, archeologists simply call this image “Isis with a Sail.” But those who created these images, on gems, coins, lamps, carved reliefs, and statues, would have called Her by a different title. They might have named Her Isis Pelagia, Isis of the Seas. Or Isis Euploia…

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3=8 | Astral Projection Mantra – LA RA S

This recording vocalises the mantra LA RA SSS, 7 times for 3 rounds (Law of 3, and Law of 7). With each round the volume decreases and eventually fades out along with the background music. We know that we cannot astral project if we are distracted by our 5 senses, so the reason for making this recording is to allow the mantra to reverberate in your mind and heart. After a while as you approach the sleepy state, you are left in complete silence for 2 hours in which you can totally internalise the mantra and not be distracted by the senses. Be sure to turn off autoplay so that the next video won’t automatically play while you sleep. I hope this recording helps you in your endeavour to successfully astral project and reach the internal worlds.

ARBATEL of the Magic of the Ancients

A 17th-century English translation of the Arbatel de magia veterum (English: Arbatel of the Magic of the Ancients), a Latin grimoire of Renaissance ceremonial magic built up from a series of septenaries of aphorisms, some detailing the famed Olympic Spirits, albeit from within a Christian context.

[PDF of this book is in the Horus Resources library.]

Isis Magic almost out of print, oh my!


Not sure I ever thought this day would come, but come it has.

There are less than 100 copies of IsisMagic left. After those are sold, the second edition of Isis Magic, like the first edition, will be out of print. So if you’d like a copy, a new copy, or are thinking of Yuletide gift-giving, now is the time to order.

We’ll have to figure out what happens after that. We may go to some kind of print-on-demand option. But that will take research; there are actually quite a few considerations with going that way. Nothing will happen quickly, but I’ll keep you in the loop.

Thank you all for your support of Isis Magic. I am honored and humbled that so many of you have found it of value on your personal path with Our Lady, the Great Goddess Isis. And it gives me great…

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It’s Scorpio Season!

Scorpio resides in the 8th house of the astrology chart and is the second water sign. While Cancerians are emotional and feeling, Scorpios can really go deep and dark with their emotions. They are the sign of our deepest most hidden shadows and are all about authenticity. They make great detectives and they can truly go deep into any subject.
When they love they love deep and at the same time, when they hate, they hate deeply. From my experience, Scorpios and 8th house / Pluto ruled people are very spiritually attuned and intuitive. They thrive when they can dive deep into life’s mysteries and if they loose themselves in this third dimensional existence, their mental state can truly collapse.
Those Scorpios that learn to channel their powerful energy into creative and meaningful things in life, truly become successful in all aspects of life. They carry the karma of healers, readers, witches and shamans.
They are truly a unique sign and they also represent the eternity of life, being cycles, death and re-birth. They are ruled by Pluto, the God of the Underworld. Pluto are the subconscious forces that resides within us and it can truly help us to transform and transcend. The strengths of Scorpio are their intuition, passion, cleverness and ambition.
How many of you are Scorpios? Can you relate?

Egypt: Long Lost Star Catalogue by Greek Astronomer Hipparchus Uncovered at Greek Orthodox St. Catherine Monastery

Sancta Rosa

The Greek Orthodox St Catherine Monastery in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has uncovered part of the long-lost star catalogue – believed to be the earliest known attempt to map the entire sky – of the Ancient Greek astronomer Hipparchus, who is also considered the founder of trigonometry.

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