Jupiter Retrograde 2018

The Wicked Wand Shoppe

Jupiter Retrograde began March 8th at 23° Scorpio and ends on July 10th at 13° Scorpio. Jupiter has been in Scorpio since October of last year and has me digging deep to elevate my energy and my soul.  Scorpio rules my Sun and Moon and can be a formidable force for those not willing to put in the work.  If you were born with Jupiter Rx in your natal chart it usually points to earlier lives where negative traits like jealousy, greed, addiction, and hate ruled your existence.  In this life you may need work harder to overcome these obstacles, grow your consciousness, and expand your higher self.  We are here to learn from our mistakes whether they were in this life or previous ones.
Jupiter goes retrograde every 13 months and last around 4 months.  In general, when Jupiter is retrograde it is signaling that this is the time…

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