It Was Written in the Stars

Magdalena Tarot

About 2 weeks ago I exchanged readings with the fabulous Charlie Cross, who I discovered on Instagram. He’s one of my favorite astrologers, so when he speaks, I listen.

Many astrologers have said that I have the chart of a famous person because I have some rare aspects in my chart. Charlie said the same thing. He said that he had never seen some of the configurations I have in my chart. Specifically, he pointed out that with the minor planet Ceres and the Midheaven, I had an overlapping Grand Trine and Grand Cross. To me, this configuration looks like a pyramid. It’s interesting because I have a very vivid memory of life in Ancient Egypt.

Charlie suggested that I meditate on my star chart, telling me to pay special attention to the shapes in the center. So I decided to start my meditations with focusing on the merkaba and…

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