What are Tattwas?


What are Tattwas? The word Tattwa, alternately spelled tattva, tatwa, tatva, is Sanskrit basically meaning “essence,” “principle,” or “element.” The concept of the Tattwas date back at least as early as 2000 BC and they are said to predate even the Greeks’ own knowledge of the elements of nature, and in fact that the Greeks may have learned of the elements from the Indian gurus. In a better context, the Tattwas are the essence of nature through which we not only experience the world around us, but give rise to the very concept of awareness. This comes into play later when we learn the relationship of the five primary Tattwas to the five senses, but they basically are the elements that lead us to believe that we exist.

The grades of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn are all attributed to one of these five elements of the pentagram: Zelator to Earth, Theoricus to Air, Practicus…

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