🌸☀️Sun Rejuvenation Spell ☀️🌸

DragonSoul Magic


Rise like the sun


Materials needed! 

Crystal: citrine, sunstone, golden calcite, tiger’s eye, clear quartz 

Flame: match or candle  

Location: A quiet place in the sun, inside or outside is fine. 


– Take your crystal and let it soak up some wonderful sunshine (not for too long because it could fade! Use your crystals responsibly!)

– Light your candle and place the charged crystal near it. If you’re using a match hold the crystal in your other hand and gaze at the flame. 

Chant, mentally or out loud:

I am awake, 

I am refreshed, 

I am whole, 

I shine bright, 

I am the light.”

Feel recharged and refreshed for the day! 

My other solar spell guides and magick guides are located here and here

-☀️ Solarian ☀️

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