Tarotscopes for the Week of April 8th to April 14th, 2018!

Rocky Mountain Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Patricia Marie K

Here are your Tarotscopes for the week of April 8th to April 14th, 2018! Enjoy!


The theme this week is victory, and moving forward. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after a a rough period. Keep focusing on moving forward and your journey and you will win. Recognize help from others in your journey forward. Be more aware of who you spend your time with and what you spend your time on as this will affect the direction you take as well. Good news is coming your way. 


Social activity and searching for a sense of community will be important around this time. Loyalty in friendship is an important theme right now. Domestic life is harmonious, and now is a good time to work on home projects, especially in cooperation with others. Do not be rigid…

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