Aries New Moon of testosterone and chaos

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

New Moon in Aries April 15 @ 6:57 pm PDT/ 9:57 pm EDT/ April 16 @ 1:57 am GMT

fire tara greene Aries New Moon

ignites a power surge of monumental furor and change as URANUS and ERIS Goddess of DISCORD conjuncts ARIES NEW MOON @ 26+ degrees. Uranus is also on the 29th critical degree getting ready to mozy into Taurus on May 15th.

Whatever shocking unexpected energies have happened over the last couple of days were a precursor to this new Moon.- The U.S. France and Britain have bombed Syria April 13. the Starbucks arrest of the two black men and Zuckerberg’s testimony about Facebook last week etc.

Uranus brings higher consciousness freedom revolution and unexpected energy.

check out where 26 Aries is in your Natal chart to see where all this new explosive energy is going.Uranus is finishing up his last 8 years of start me up with new technology and revolutions.

Mercury is turning Retrograde and information…

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