First Temple AMORC Initiation at Grand Lodge in San Jose

Magdalena Tarot

Emblem of the Traditional Martinst Order

I have to be honest, my initiation into the  Traditional Martinist Order, a sub order of AMORC, in January really made me stop, pause and think about my chosen path as a Rosicrucian.  I wish it had been more than just figuring out that Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Moon’s boyfriend from my beloved childhood show, Sailor Moon, is most likely supposed to be a Martinist  (I am 100% convinced that the director of Sailor Moon is a

Don’t get me started on my theories about my favorite animes I watched growing up being linked to the Orders I’m in. That’s a whole other blog post.

Rosicrucian) but no, it was more than that.

Something happened during the ritual I couldn’t explain. It was very surreal. I’m not even sure if it was something I actually saw or if it was just the energy…

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