End of Patriarchy Mars Retrograde Pt. 1

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Mars turns Retrograde in Aquarius conjunct the South Node on June 26 @ 9+degrees AQUARIUS until August 27th. This will be two whole months of Dog Days of summer. All energy action is on standstill. Nothing can really move forward during this time. 

The red macho planet of testosterone, the patriarchy, war, and guns, turns Retrograde for 55-80 days every 25 1/2 months. This is a rare and special transit. Mars will appear 2.7 times brighter by July 31 as it will look in the skies in May. In Vedic Astrology, a Retrograde planet is beneficial and good.  Mars will be almost as bright as it was in 2003 when it was the closest it had been to the earth in 60,000 years. So you will want to be out at night blowing off steam and raging to Mars. 

Mars Retrograde 2018 Astrology Tara Greene

When Mars entered AQUARIUS it did so on a…

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