Enochian Chess Pieces, As Inspired By William Westcott

Click on this image to see more examples of Westcott’s Enochian Chess pieces.

I have always liked the Westcott Enochian Chess Pieces. The bases are varied to help distinguish the Pieces. The Kings have a slanted base. The Knights have a thick, rectangular base. The Queens have a rocking chair type base. Bishops have a thin, rectangular base. And the Castles have a framed-in apparatus with a thick portion at the top for labeling. The actual Chess Pieces are part of the dynamic with the Deity Forms. The exception being some of the Bishops as the White Crown already has a Bishop Chess Piece appearance. I completed a full set after examining a few different types and here are some examples of what I have come up with. I will label/letter them later.  […]

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