Novena of Saint Cyprian 2018 Day 2: Invocation of Archangel Samael

Light in Extension: A Magical Journal

By Frater S.C.F.V.


On Tuesday, September 18, 2018,  I began Day 2 of my intensive Novena to Saint Cyprian of Antioch with ritual bathing and worship, then dedicated my day to community service to serve older adults in the Montreal community. I also continued prayers throughout the day, and listened to two Church services to immerse myself in an attitude of devotion.

At night, I returned to the Temple, where the Novena candle continued to burn on the Altar. Once there, I sounded my Solomonic Bell of Art three times before entering the Circle, as per the Hygromanteia, then 9 times to each cardinal direction as a modified form of the “sounding of the Quarters” based on Leviticus that we find used with the Bell/Trumpet in the Key of Solomon.

Thereafter, I performed prayers, Holy Water blessings, incense suffumigations, Offerings to Cyprian and the Divine, readings of several…

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