Venus Direct in Libra + Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius 11/16-12/06: From Fear To Curiosity

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On Friday, November 16th, just before 6 am PST, Venus will station direct in Libra, completing the retrograde journey it has been on since October 5th. While retrograde, Venus made its way back through the first part of Scorpio and into the last few degrees of Libra – fueling the last month and a half with a heightened sense of emotion, chaos and uncertainty. Venus retrograde in Scorpio has been a sort of reality check; forcing us to look deep and to sit with our discomforts, to recognize our truth and values, and to question that which does not seem to match up. While the experience itself may have been rather dark, daunting and draining, the aim of Venus’ retrograde in Scorpio is not to bring us to defeat – but to awaken a sense of inner power and strength, to stir us so deeply that…

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