Through the Eyes of Tarot – Neptune in Pisces Direct – November 24, 2018 through June 21, 2019

Tarot by Cecelia

Drastic changes are coming your way by March as you transform your reality to suit who it is you wish to be. The rose-colored glasses of Neptune in Pisces are coming off, bringing you a reality check in an area where you have desired change and a new way of life. This cycle of the Neptune in Pisces transit brings you to greater stability, and the feeling of justice having been served in a situation which you have deemed to be unfair. This is a time to bring your dreams into the real world, making them a reality, not through wishful thinking, but through meticulous attention to detail.

Your power within and without is being revamped during this cycle, affording you greater control, so long as you do not allow the past to cloud your judgment. You really want what is best for everyone all around, and will strive to…

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