Dark Scorpio Energy Moves Into Flaming Sagittarius

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

Hello Everyone,

I hope you were able to handle the Scorpio energies, they were stronger than I thought they would be, and if you remember my last article, I said they would be intense.   Before I go into the core of the current new information I decided to write about some of my personal experiences first. I attended 3 powerful retreats during Scorpio season. The first one was for 10 days and was off the charts strong for me.   I was at a Red Garuda (firebird) Retreat in Emily Minnesota during the beginning of Scorpio, and it was crazy. I

sleeping huts Each building is 2 sleeping huts.  We stayed in the hut to the right.  Our door was the farthest to the right.

stayed in a 8X8 sleeping hut with a propane heater, and a battery operated lantern. We had an outhouse close by. I loved it so much, because I…

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