Towards an Informationist Post-Metaphysic

Light in Extension: A Magical Journal

By Adam J. Pearson


I recently came to the conclusion that the universe is not fundamentally composed of ‘matter,’ at its explanatory bottom, but rather of information, indeed a field of infinite potential and informational possibilities that manifest as finite actualities within universes constrained by discrete sets of physical constants and universal principles (“laws of Nature”). “Matter” and “energy” to me are both modes of information more fundamentally.

Indeed, I see matter as a kind of epiphenomenon arising out of an informational substrate.  I call this theory informationism to distinguish it from materialism.  One pleasant thing about informationsim as a theory is that it can equally and elegantly hold true whether our universe turns out to be in a sense objectively existing as posited by materialism, intersubjectively existing as posited by idealism, or even simply a simulation within a larger overarching reality as Nobel Prize-winning physicists George Smoot and…

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