Assignment || Contemplation Meditations on the Hebrew Letters

Before you begin, print and cut out a set of Hebrew letter flash cards. You can print the images uploaded here as they conveniently list applicable correspondences with other aspects of esoteric Golden Dawn knowledge. As flash cards, these tools assist your memorization of the details. However, you can also utilize your flash cards as meditation tools for personal guidance, like the Tarot.

To begin, choose a card from the deck included in this package. You should shuffle the cards ahead of time and hold them, facedown, in your left hand. Then choose a card from the pile with your right hand. Before turning over the card to reveal a specific letter, meditate on a particular question, issue, or problem you’re facing. Ask the Kabala for guidance in these matters, and then turn over the card. Find the corresponding essay for the letter you’ve chosen in the book, and read carefully.

The letters are meditation aids to help you focus with clarity on a particular situation and bring about the positive outcome you seek. Each letter brings to the table certain energies and a unique level of consciousness. When you’re able to recognize those energies, you’ll see what it is you’re looking for in each page.

As you pose questions on a regular basis, you’ll find that the Kabala is in fact helping you refine your own intuitive capacities. Intuition is a form of intelligence that’s contextbound, holistic and nurturing. It doesn’t have a win/lose orientation; instead, it eavesdrops on the conversations of the universe.

In time, you’ll come to know intuitively what each letter symbolizes for you and will be able to meditate on that letter independently, without having to reread the corresponding text. And with practice, you’ll become increasingly aligned with the energies of the universe. Ask the Kabala will help you get there.

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