Susan Levitt


Wishing you a wonderful and happy New Year full of magic and creativity!
On New Years Eve and New Years Day, the Moon is in passionate Water sign Scorpio. The Scorpio Moon conjuncts Venus for love, passion, and pleasure. Contact me for your 2019 astrology forecast.


Mercury Retrograde dates for your 2019 travel plans:

March 5 – 28 in Water sign Pisces.
Mercury retrograde in Pisces is a time when communication is nuanced and subtle. People communicate through emotions, not rational thought. If feelings are hurt, wait out the Mercury retrograde cycle to discuss it. 

July 7 – 31 in Fire sign Leo and Water sign Cancer.
Mercury retrograde in Leo is when communication is direct, and you can cover much ground. But slow down out if people become bossy or demanding. 
Mercury retrograde in Cancer is when emotions come to the surface. Emphasis is…

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