Isis & the Egg


Spring! So many flowerbeds to weed... Spring! So many flowerbeds to weed…

The equinox has come and gone. Light now overbalancesdark. Things are stirring, stirring, stirringeverywhere. The flowerbeds beg (or is that screaming, I hear?) to be weeded and about a million springtime chores fill my ever-burgeoning To Do List.

Yet I’m feeling a little melancholy.

You, too?

Sometimes, when I’m feeling like this, I’ve found that it can bea sign that I’ve drifted a bit frommy core—from Her—and that what I really I need to do is to reweave our connection. Rather than expanding as theflowers of spring so beautifully urge us to do as they break forthfromthe dark and muddy womb of the earth, what I need to do is pull in a bit.

Beautiful Robin's egg blue eggs Beautiful Robin’s egg blue eggs

Fortunately, in addition to spring’s pink, yellow, and purple floralheralds, there is another springtime symbol that is almostas ubiquitous and which may be more appropriate…

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