I like to talk often
about my weariness with causality and the need to explain everything
and justify everything according to some presupposed linearity that
moves us from A to B.

What is a fact is that
we move, but hardly ever from A to B, and almost never do we move
from A because B happened. The reason why I don’t like causality is
because even if it really existed, it would still mean absolutely
nothing in the face of things changing all the time. Any physicist
worth his salt would concur here. Now the black hole is making the
rounds, having us all ponder: ‘But what does it mean?’

Astrophysics has its shifting answers. And then there’s the general bottom-line that stays: Things change. The fact that things change changes the way we look at causality, namely, with less anxiety and less excitement.

I don’t go around

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