Ecstasysong: A Hymn of Praise

Light in Extension: A Magical Journal

By Frater S.C.F.V.


Glorious One,

Beloved of All,

Who shines as One in All,

Invisible in the visible,

Sovereign in Silence,

How my heart longs to cry out to You!

Infinite music streams from I Know Not Where,

And fills the world with harmony.

Yours is this ecstasysong,

Yours the Glory, and the Love,

As John the Baptist said,

“I must decrease so He can can increase…”

Let “me” decrease as you increase,

Your Presence vibrating through every level and layer of awareness,

And through the darkened depths of the Unknown,

For you are the Unknown who staggers the mind,

And yet Know All—


Let “me” dissolve in “You”

Until “me” and “You” are lived not-two!

Oh Lord,

Power that powers all,

Love that loves in all,

Source of all that is,

Prior to being and not-being,

Ineffable Glory!

In all things, my heart bows to You

And knows that…

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