Michaelmas 2019: Consecrations of the Lion Skin Belt, Triangle of Art, and Sword

Light in Extension: A Magical Journal

By Frater S.C.F.V.

Date: Sunday, September 29, 2019
Sun Phase: Mid-day
Moon Phase: Waxing post New Moon
Mansion of the Moon: Zubana.
Planetary Day: Day of the Sun.
Planetary Hour: Hour of the Sun.
Activities: Solomonic bathing; opening by Bell of Art; greeting spirits of the Four Directions and Heptameron for Sunday; exorcisms of candles, incense, and tools; offerings to the spirits of my spiritual court; Conjuration of Michael; Calling upon all spirits whose names are inscribed on the belt for aid in its empowerment; Consecrations of Belt, Triangle, and Sword; Conversation with Michael; License to Depart; greetings to Quarters; Temple closing.

After a Solomonic bath, I put on my Robe, Rosary, and Bracelet of St. Cyprian and entered the Temple. I did preliminary prayers and exorcised the fire, incense, bread, and water. I then performed offerings of water, bread, incense, and candlefire to God in…

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