Astrology | Isolated Ambition, New Moon in Aries.

Mystic Moons Astrology

The flavor of this New Moon in Aries on 3/24 is ambition. I know that with the current global events, and unknown future challenges, we are all adapting to a changing daily life. It is confusing, scary, and unknown to many of us. This New Moon could not have came at a better time. It is giving us self determination, hope, & allowing new beginnings. Enabling us to nurture ourselves and aggressively fight back against the uncertainties we are facing. Our ambitions will be gained by quiet introspection, & bravely going after what we want. This Moon will put some fire in our projects, work, and lifestyle. Giving us hope for our future plans. It will allow us to call in new energy, work on self care, and asking us to be aggressive towards the things we want. So let’s talk about this Aries New Moon.

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