Gnosticism | Isis & Sekhmet or Isis-Sekhmet?


I absolutely adore this beautiful modern Sakhmet by Desiree Isphording. See the artist’s statement here.

A friend was asking about Sakhmet today, and so here’s a little something about Isis and Sakhmet…

Many are the modern devotees who are attracted to Sakhmet, ancient Egypt’s fierce Lioness Goddess. Her name means The Powerful One, the Mighty One, or the Female Power. And She is powerful indeed.

Quite a few images of the Goddess remain to us, for hundreds of them were set up at the Temple of Mut at Karnak. The Vatican Museum has about a half dozen of these and has created a semi-circle of the bigger-than-human-sized Sakhmet images in an outdoor area that is part of the “profane” section of the museum. (Yes, of course, I headed straight to the profane section.) I have also been fortunate to have seen several of these beautiful statues here in Portland…

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