On The Great Conjunction – The Development of an Idea

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Great Conjunction 2020 London

With the next Great Conjunction looming ever closer, I am republishing an article first published in The Tradition Magazine, back in 2008.

On The Great Conjunction


The Development of an Idea

The idea of ever-repeating cycles and the concept of the eternal return must have fascinated mankind since the dawn of history. In the following article I want to shed light on one of these cycles, namely the conjunction between the two highest planets Jupiter and Saturn. I will try to show how the idea of the interpretation of a conjunction for the prediction of events on a mundane level developed through history. The conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn, or great conjunctions as they are called, are moving in a particular pattern across the Zodiac, forming an 800 year cycle that can be divided into sub-cycles. Let us have a closer look at this intriguing cycle which has fascinated…

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