Tenfold Empowerment Ritual

Frater S- Musings on Magic and Mysticism

Back view of the user to aid in visualization

The Tenfold Empowerment Ritual is basically a fancy name for an expansion of the Middle Pillar Ritual within the Golden Dawn tradition. It uses all 10 Sefirot and adds a very brief prayer of invocation for each Sefirah/Divine Name/Archangel. The prayers are what really constitute its unique approach but a full Tree Empowerment is certainly not an innovation by itself. Visualization of the Sefirotic colors are used as well. If that seems too advanced at first, just use white brilliant Light instead for each Sphere.

The Ritual does not need to be memorized, but can easily be read with interludes of visualization. I would probably say the more important parts are the prayers, if done in a respectful and devotional manner. It can take as short as under 10 minutes when done with a decent pacing, but it is recommended not…

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