Isis & Wine


Egyptian grape harvest and winemaking
Egyptian grape harvest and winemaking

As it turns out, both my Deities are Wine Deities. Although my sweet mad Dionysos is more known for His wine-y associations, Isis too, is connected with wine. We had our annual Grape Stomp last night and crushed the syrah we have growing in our backyard. (Yes, thank you, it was fabulous.) I must tend to the must (the crushed grapes ready to ferment) presently. But for now, a little bit about Isis as Lady of Wine…

Isis chardonnay from Malta
Isis chardonnay from Malta

The grapevine is not native to Egypt, but by the early third dynasty, Egypt had a viticulture industry all its own. Still, wine was expensive and it was generally reserved for the wealthy and priestly classes, for tomb offerings, and for the Goddesses and Gods. The Egyptians made both red and white wines; a Greek writer commented quite favorably on the quality of Egyptian white…

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