Isis, the Milk Provider


She even has eyeliner

Have you ever looked into the warm, earth-brown eyes of a cow? Not in a video or a photo, but right there with the living cow, as her body heat radiates upon you and you share her grassy breath?

A cow-headed Isis pours a libation for the ba of Osiris

Huge, dark pools of calm, those eyes with their long lashes. Up close and personal, cows are large and impressive creatures. With their placid strength and ready supply of milk and meat, it’s no wonder human beings have almost always considered them holy in one way or another.

Among so many other of Her attributes, Our Lady Isis is a Cow Goddess. Like Hathor, Isis can be shown in full cow-form or as a cow-headed woman. We find the Cow Goddess Isis in many ancient places, including Her temple at Isiopolis.

The Cow Goddess from…

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