The Adma Iset: A Ritual of Offering to Isis


I often find it easier to keep up my spiritual practice when I have something “set,” something specific to do. Like a small ritual that I’ve pretty much got memorized. You, too? If so, then today I’d like to offer you a just such a small ritual. This one is an offering rite. (If you have my Offering to Isis, a version of it is in there. But since I hear those are going for stupid out-of-print prices, here’s a version you can use, and of course, adapt, as you choose. Offering will be republished. I’ll let you know when.)

Adma is one of the (many) Egyptian words for an offering rite. I just liked the sound of this one compared to some of the others, so I adopted it. The ritual is loosely based on Egyptian temple rites, but adapted for a single person instead of a temple-full…

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