Is tradition important in the worship of Isis?


Part of my shrine for Her; traditional-ish

As is so often the case, it depends on who you ask.

Folks who are trying to reconstruct a form of ancient practice will, of course, find it very important. Others who are attracted to Isis, but not necessarily the entire ancient Egyptian milieu, might find it less so.

For me, there isn’t a yes-or-no answer to this question; rather, there’s a yes-and-no answer.

Yes, Tradition is Very Important

Without tradition, where do we even begin to think about Isis? How can we know Who She is for us if we don’t know Who She was for those who went before us? Without tradition, we have nowhere to begin as we try to come into relationship with Her. Without a knowledge of the symbols traditionally associated with Her, the stories traditionally told about Her (at least the ones of which we…

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