Raw Nephthys


I had nothing specific in mind for today’s post. So I did a bit of meditation with the Beautiful Sister, Senet Noferet, and I’ll share with you what we did.

Blue Lotus Garden by Luiz Celestino, copyright Luiz Celestino. See the work, contact the artist here.

The sacred scarab

I used the Nephthys contact ritual I have been working with (I cannot believe it’s been almost a year since then), but in my smaller shrine rather than the larger temple space, so I was seated almost the entire time. I purified and consecrated, established the Horizons, invoked Her…

And now, I am within Nephthys’ temple garden.

The strong scent of greenness and the life of animals comes to my nose. It smells good, alive, alive. I look around, orienting myself. I see the serpents, the birds, and now a scarab dung beetle, a creature I had not seen before…

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