Who is Isis?


Can we relate?

Not just what we read about Her myths. Not just what we learn about Her history.

Who is Isis when we experience Her?

A gentle caress? An earthquake? A tingle up the spine that makes your hair stand on end? An anchor in the stormy sea of life?

Yes, She is all of those.

Yet many of us might start to describe Who She is by naming a relationship. She’s like a mother, a sister, a lover, a teacher. Since that’s the way we relate to the people in our lives, it makes sense that we would relate to Divine personalities in the same way. The models for relationship with which we have to work are the ones we’ve used all our lives, the human ones. And this approach works quite well, too.

Isis, Mother of Horus, Divine Mother of us all

I have been comforted by…

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