Making Offering to Isis


Many blessings of whatever winter holy days you celebrate and Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating today. On this day of gift-giving, I shall be making offering to Isis and Nephthys. It will not be as grand as the offering ritual I imagine below. But it will be what is in my heart.

Birth of Isis. Feast of ‘revealing the face’ of this Goddess with Her Ennead. Performing all the rites of the feast of robing . . . according to the ritual of the place of the First Feast. They make a great oblation of bread, beer, oxen, fowl, wine, milk, pomegranate-wine, [gazelles, oryx, ibexes], cranes, pigeons, fattened ducks, with fresh vegetables and all fruit. It is sweet to serve the Beautiful One with right offerings!

The Denderah Festival Calendar

An Egyptian shrine
An Egyptian shrine

Each night, while I sleep, the light is withdrawn and a darkened world returns to…

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