Which is the Most Powerful?

Ananael (The Secrets of Wisdom)

You would be amazed how often I am asked this question. Which technique is the most powerful? Which angel is more powerful? Can we create Talismans more powerful than those in the Key of Solomon? Which material for talismans is the most powerful? Even, which Psalm is the most powerful? And, every single time, my answer begins with the same words:

It’s not about “power.”

Now, to be clear, I’m not suggesting the concept of power has no relevance in magick! Or, to be honest, I think a better word would be “effectiveness” instead of “power.” For example, one can create perfectly workable talismans by observing only the Planetary day and hour. But a more effective technique is to observe a full astrological election. The latter could be called “more powerful”.

Another example might be the Angelical (often mis-termed “Enochian”) language, which I have found exceedingly effective in my angelic…

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