Primordial Meditation ~ Morning Relaxation Ritual


“As I breathe in deeply, I can visualize a golden glow around my body.  Again, as I breathe in deeply, I can imagine this golden glow entering my body.  Once more, as I breathe in deeply, I can sense this golden healing light, revitalizing every cell in my body.”

Pathworking – Healing Through The Planetary Grid


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This guided meditation grounds you to the earth, and links you to all peoples and places on earth through filaments of light that are energizing and healing. It is a reconnecting guided meditation for anyone who may experience feelings of separation and disconnection from the earth and others. It is a guided meditation to fill you with peace, joy, and love and a knowing that you have a part to play in this great Universe.


Preparation and Posture

This guided meditation is preferably done outdoors in a standing position with your bare feet on the earth, or grass, on sand at the beach, or perhaps a forest floor. Wherever you can have direct contact with nature would be the best. Also choose a place that is quiet.



Let us begin …

In a standing position, place your feet firmly on the ground. Spread your toes as much as you can so you create a broad base for your feet. When you have done that, bend your knees very slightly. Keep your back and neck straight, with your chin slightly tucked in. Let your shoulders gently slope downwards in a way that releases any tension. Softly close your eyes.


Standing strongly on the ground but also relaxed, become conscious of the temperature where you are standing and just notice the touch of the air on your face, hands and feet.


Now, take in a long slow deep breath through your nose, breathing the breath all the way down into your belly. And as you slowly breathe out, visualize roots going down through your body … down through your legs … into your feet … and reconnecting as a single root going down deeper and deeper into the earth … moving down through soils and sterns … and grounding you to the earth.


When you are ready, take in another deep breath and this time raise your arms and say to yourself, “I intend that the Light of Creation fills my whole being.


As you breathe out, lower your arms to your sides … and visualize golden light coursing through your body in a golden column of energy.


Now, imagine this luminous light, like threads or filaments, moving out from the central core of your body … from your heart center … and passing through you in all directions … and enveloping you in a huge web of interconnecting filaments that connect with all other threads of light all over the earth.


And now, with intention, visualize the golden light moving through these filaments and going to places and people to clear them and to illuminate them … to release human beings from negativity, struggle and misery.


Imagine that everywhere the golden light touches is filled with peace, joy and love.


Now, visualize the threads all interconnected in one huge web … like a great grid around the earth … and imagine the earth now glowing with light … the whole earth glowing with light … a golden light that protects this Great Mother and heals her.


Take in another deep breath and breathe the breath all the way down into your belly. And as you slowly breathe out this time, gently release the light all around you … knowing that you are contributing to the healing work on this planet.


Breathing to your own rhythm again, just begin to move your body … shaking your arms … your hands … your legs … and your feet. And bring yourself back once more to being aware of the temperature around you, and the touch of the air on your face, hands and feet.