The Cyprianic Call – Or the Strange True Tale of How I Came to Work With Saint Cyprian of Antioch

Light in Extension: A Magical Journal

By Frater S.C.F.V.

cypIntroduction – Enter Saint Cyprian

2018 has been, to say the least, a powerfully magical year, indeed the most magical year in my life thus far.  Not only is our G.D. Order happily thriving, but I have also been very grateful to have been able to go further into the Art of traditional Solomonic magic and more deeply into rigorous esoteric scholarship than I have ever gone before.  Perhaps the most unpredictable shift of all to unfold for me in the course of the Earth’s current circumambulation around the Sun, however, has been the commencement of my serious working relationship with Saint Cyprian of Antioch.

This surprising turn of events is rendered all the more shocking by the fact that in the past 30 years, I had never before seen the appeal of working with Saints in the classically Catholic manner, not even at the height of…

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