Hermes Invocation and Mercury Elixir Rite- 11/14/2018

Frater S- Musings on Magic and Mysticism


I’ve gotten myself back into school recently, and that means it’s time for some Mercury work to ensure focus and academic success. Even though I had planned on doing a rite like this around this time anyway, I have found that in the last month or so, I’ve been drawn to Mercurial work much more than I ever have before. So after doing a bit of digging on a plan of action, I decided to focus on Hermes for this specific operation after finding a good set of Greek titles to use in his invocation, and to also set up a regular devotional practice for Wednesday. Usually I prefer to work with the Qabalistic Hierarchies of Angels, but I wanted to try something new and get really specific with my ritual this time around as well.

The bulk of this ritual is inspired from the material of Denning and Philips’…

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