Venus in Scorpio erotic review

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

VENUS returns to Scorpio more triumphantly than ever having gone through her Retrograde resurrection. Venus is physically at her brightest in the sky right now, lighting the way through the darkness of all things Scorpionic-sex, the dark side, our demons, and shadows, money, women owning their power and autonomy as  sexual beings, control issues,  sexual abuse, and healing, resurrection,

Mercury Retrograde the planet of communications, the trickster plane of merchants too preceded her here December 1-12th a very short hop in the sack.

Aren’t we having a Deja Vu here?  Yes Venus enters Scorpio from September 9  on a New Moon in Virgo 

Venus turned Retrograde at 10 + degrees Scorpio on October 5th and turned Direct at 25+in Libra on November 16.

It will take until December 18 until Venus is actually ready to move on from all those love affairs, changes in values, resurrecting herself and unleashing some…

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