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Use Thoughtforms in Places to Influence People

To begin with, you should have a pretty good idea of how the place you are going to speak in looks. If possible, take a look at it in advance. You create the thought-form by visualizing a ball of light that radiates energy outwards to cause people to be receptive to your ideas and to like what you say. Imagine and feel energy flowing in into the thoughtform energizing it and strengthening it fully. You put at the ceiling, over the audience like a lamp. In fact, if you can see it as a lamp, that is so much the better.

See it glow with the light you put into it and charge it to keep glowing, making everyone who is bathed by it receptive to what you are saying to you and your ideas. See the lamp illuminating the entire hall, leaving no corner uncovered. Charge this lamp-form as often as possible, always adding to the charge the command to make everyone who comes into contact with it like you. It is always important to program energy with information. The programming is what makes the thoughtform produce certain effect.

So what will happen with this? On the day of your speech, the audience will come in and sit down, not realizing that each individual mind is being manipulated by psychic energy to look favorably upon you. As the beams play over their etheric bodies, they will find themselves instinctively liking you and what you have to say without even questioning why. They will think of you as a genius and feel the need to buy your product if you are selling anything. You are affecting people energetically in covert ways.


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