In the Bhagavad-gita , evidence supports a very ancient race of a blue skinned people through the stories of Lord Krishna. Instead of being an Ang (el) Krishna was described like that of an ’Avatar’, god or demi-god.

According the the Bhagavad-gita he was a teacher teaching the workings of creation & the understanding of a self-realized soul.

But for us it is enough to realize that he was always depicted with ’blue skin’.

Shiva is also a ’dark blue’

THE PICTS…were an early race of Scotsmen who fought naked and painted themselves blue with woad. They were known as the blue people.

THE AINU…. are an ancient indigenous people living in Japan whose skin hue is often described as once being blue.

IN IRISH-SCOTTISH Gaeilge (or Gaelic)…., people of African descent were historically referred to as the fir gorum, or blue men. People of this race were described as “blue” rather than as “black.”


“According to the prophecy, there are four groups of people: the red, the yellow, the black & the white Courchene says that from today’s youth a new group of people will be born – the blue people of old will emerge…They will be tolerant of each other, and will bring spiritual harmony and sacredness back to the earth. This will prepare the way for a rebirth of Mother Earth.”

The POLAREAN “Master root race” at the CENTER of our Earth plane.

Some of you you will now be familiar with the geocentric electromagnetic ‘Cosmic Egg’ model, consisting of four concentric realms or domains of land across the vast plane of the earth – With a fifth central pillar at the very center AKA Mt Meru, Mt Zion, Mt Olympus, etc….

Now…. just as there are four realms across the vast plane of the Earth, there are also four physical ‘humanoid’ root races associated with the creation of each realm…

These four root races are…

The Hyperboreans – The Lemurians – The Atlanteans – The Aryans.

But there is a fifth race of beings that lives at the center (Mt Meru) of our flat Earth…

The master root race – THE POLAREANS.

Unlike the other four, the Polarean are semi-ethereal, meaning not completely physical beings, they do not have a definitive skin pigment, size, color or race.

Although they are often depicted as being somewhat indigo blueish translucent beings.

Anyway, these polareans began the human race at pole position like i said.

They were the very first forms of earthly beings to manifest on earth.

All the other four root races were ‘seeded’ by the Polareans – hence the term ‘Master Race’.

We could also call the Polareans,

‘The Guardians of the Earth’

The Polareans are also sometimes referred to as ‘angels’ in the Abrahamic religious texts or ‘Das Avatars’ in Vedic scripts or ‘Pleiadians’ in new age esoteric circles.

There is no such thing as coincidence…

The eyes will see when the pupil is ready.🙂

Hope you had a strong week-end & that your coming week will be even stronger.💫💜

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