Are You Feeling Lucky?


Do you believe in luck? Chance? Fate? Karma? Destiny?

For a minute, I thought that horseshoe on Lady Luck's head was an Isis crown...but that actually wouldn't be too far off.
For a minute, I thought that horseshoe on Lady Luck’s head was the Horns & Disk crown.

In some way or another, little or large, most of us do. We often discover the notion of good luck and bad luck as kids playing games. Grown ups playing games, such as sports figures, might have a lucky pair of socks or some other talisman they keep close by. As business people, we might wear a favorite suit to an important meeting; we look good in the suit, we feel more confident, and perhaps we boost our luck. And how many of us have not looked up our daily horoscopes from time to time to see what fate has in store for us?

As a general rule, I’m of the “you make your own luck” school. And yet I know people who don’t…

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