The Martinist Universal Table – Rectified & Explained

Complete Explanation of the Universal Table, sourced from the new OMS Publication of “10 Lessons to Men of Desire: Louis Claude de Saint-Martin’s Instructions for the Temples of the Élus Coëns, Elevated to the Greatest Glory of the Eternal”, part of the OMS Élus Coëns Source Series available to initiated OMS members.

This diagram is as important to Élus Coëns & Martinist cosmology as the Tree of Life is to Lurianic Kabbalah.

In this video, we explore in-depth the cosmology of Pasqually’s Élus Coëns and the Martinist Tradition. Many errors exist in the usual versions of this diagram – we have rectified these errors by referencing original manuscripts of Willermoz, St. Martin, Prunelle de Lière and other Coëns, and have expanded the diagram with additional layers and labels to match the writings of our Past Masters.

Public Documents & Information about the Ordre Martinistes Souverains is available here:!3WB2RQxb!gIuRbABeq…

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