Steve Kalec | From the Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster

“There is above the celestial fire an incorruptible flame, always sparkling; the spring of life, the fountain of all being, the original of all things!

This Flame produceth all things, and nothing perisheth but what It consumeth. It maketh Itself known by Itself. This Fire cannot be contained in any place; It is without body and without matter, It encompasseth the heavens.

And there goeth forth from it a little spark, which maketh all the fire of the sun, of the moon and of the stars. Strive not to know more of Him, for that is beyond thy capacity, how wise soever thou art.

“There is in God an immense profundity of flame ! Nevertheless the heart should not fear to touch this adorable Fire, or to be touched by it; it will never be consumed by this so sweet Fire; whose mild and tranquil heat maketh the binding and harmony and the duration of the world.

Nothing subsisteth but by this Fire, which is God Himself. No person begat Him. He is without mother. He knoweth all things and can be taught nothing. He is infallible in His designs and His Name is unspeakable.”

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