Dragons: Facing Fear, by Todd Medina

Dragons: Facing Fear

we’ve all been thru a dynamic

and escalating few days on the

heels of an escalating month

and year…

i’ve talked a little bit the last few

days about dragon visits this

past week, the biggest one came

today. again, most of these happened

as i was in a slight state of awakened

at the same time a state of clarity

in dreamstate with mostly full recall

today seemed to be some type of

initiation, i had been having trouble

with my right eye, it’s been puffy and leaking

so, this morning i used a technique morgan

taught me, i pulled up the energy of the eye

to find out what it could tell me, in order to

solve the issue, when i did i was immediately

looking at a dragon’s eye, then communication

began.. i was immediately put on an island in hawaii

i was walking down a road pulling all my belongings

i began to worry about where would i live, how would

i get morgan here, how would i stablize our lives, so

we could remain together, while continuing to do our

work for the collective… i became very 3D and i was

having this conversation; my 3d human with the dragons

they said, are you scared

i said yes

i started playing out ‘safer’ scenarios than hawaii

on the mainland in cheaper areas, etc..

then i found myself placed in front of a cave

inside the cave i knew were powerful dark energies

i could see nothing but black…. then i heard the

dragons say,

go toward and thru your biggest fears

and risks and you will find your greatest abundance

and so i did, as soon as i did, everything cleared and

i awoke, the next few hours i had powerful syncs with

others, aligning with my plans

im in now, no turning back, i feel the dragon energy

is very important to all of us now, fear has run us

for too long, now it’s love’s turn and i learned it

from the powerful and mighty dark dragon energies

there is as much love with them as i’ve ever seen

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