Scorpio Deja Vu Retrograde with Lilith

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Scorpio Retrograde season starts October 22 2020 on 2 master numbers

@4:00 pm PDT/ 7:00 pm EDT/ midnight the witching hour in GMTuntil November 21

Opposite Black Moon Lilith at 0 TAURUS. Lilith is associated with SCORPIO and in Taurus she will help us get into our deep sensuality and snake wisdom during the darkest psychological time of the year. Even in the Southern Hemisphere, the Scorpio Archetype rules the Underworld, the shadows, our fears and past life memories. Scorpio rules all the biggies, sex, death, finance, psyche, power, control, rebirth, transformation, recycling, atomic energy.

Black is the Never out of style.

This is a DEJA VU of all the Scorpio seasons.It may be one of the obsessive, hard, angry, most remorseful of Scorpio seasons becauseMars is RETROGRADE in ARIES until November 13 and MERCURY is also Retrograde in Scorpio October 27- where it will step back into Libra.Mercury is…

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