Isis the Mother


The Mother

Here are some lines (though not all of them) from a particularly interesting New Kingdom hymn to the Goddess.

I have simplified some of the lacunae and made the appropriate capitalizations.

See if you can guess which Goddess the hymn praises:

“…great of sunlight, Who illumines [the entire land with] Herrays. She is His Eye, Who causes the land to prosper, the glorious eye of Harakhti, the Ruler of What Exists, the Great and Powerful Mistress, life being in Her possession in this Her name […]

[…]in the circuit. The Gods are in … Great of Might. Her Eye has illumined the horizon. The Ennead, Their hearts are glad because of Her, the Mistress of Their Joy, in this Her name of Heaven.

She is in their hearts, they being glad when She ascends to Her abode, Her temple. She has appeared and has shone as the Woman of…

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